Bulgarian Village – The spirit of traditions

Just 20 km from Bansko, at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, is the village of Dobarsko. The name of a Russian-speaking person is not difficult to translate – the village of Good. A real find for lovers of ecological, or, as it is also called, rural tourism. Unlike other museum villages, Dobarsko is an absolutely living organism, where the population lives just like two hundred years ago. In the middle of the village there is the famous church “Saints Theodore of Tyrone and Theodore Stridulates” with healing ageism. There are disputes about the time of its construction, and the dates vary by almost 500 years. But the main mystery of the church is not that. The church of the village of Dobarsko is one of the oldest in Bulgaria, and since you are in these parts, do not be too lazy to get here. A visit to a Bulgarian house in a neighboring village follows – and this will be the strongest impression of the whole trip. Awesome hospitality. Treats. Dances. Demonstration of local folk costumes and rituals … And it will not be professional mummers from the “show in the style of ethno”, but real, “authentic” grandmothers from a neighboring yard. And around the mountain landscapes and fresh air.

14:30 / approximately / – departure
15: 00-15: 40 – inspection of the church “St.St. Theodore Tyrone and Theodore Stratelates “in Dobarsko
16: 15-18: 00 – visit to the Bulgarian home, treats with local dishes, acquaintance with local folklore, customs and traditions / making homemade sweets and wool products /.
18:30 – return to the resort

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